Costa Fortuna Fundações e Construções Ltda operates in the specialty foundation and excavation support wall market. Our business philosophy is focused on developing strong partnerships, close working relationships and, above all, respect for all of our customers.

Our technical staff is composed of skilled engineers and geologists. Costa Fortuna strives to go far beyond the mere provision of foundation services. We act as a real advocate for our customers, seeking the best technical solutions to implement on their geotechnical foundation projects.

Using advanced engineering and state-of-the-prac-tice foundation construction techniques, Costa Fortuna is able to successfully complete a wide range of projects, including piles, barrette piles, root piles, CFA piles, pile driving, reinforced diaphragm walls, subsurface struts, geodrains, jet grouting, stone columns, soil nailing, deep shafts for dewatering.

As a market leader, Costa Fortuna also operates in the international market and is equipped and prepared to perform specialty foundation services in other parts of South America through its associated company Costa Fortuna del Uruguay.

In both the Brazil and Uruguay markets, the Company has expanded the range of it activities, offering specialized services for marine and river works, such as bored piles with sacrificial steel casing, and installation of precast concrete bored piles utilizing reverse circulation techniques.

The Company also performs geotechnical investigations, featuring technologically advanced equipment to perform services cost-effectively, with high quality and always in compliance with the most restrict environmental rules.

Costa Fortuna



Rua Dr. Ladislau Retti, 675
km. 29 Rod. Raposo Tavares
CEP 06714-150 - Cotia - SP
Fone/Fax: +55 11 4702-0855


25 de Mayo N° 713, Of. 207
Edificio Imperium Building
Montevideo - Uruguay
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